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Relocating to Estero, Florida

Thinking of relocating to Florida and buying real estate in the Bonita Springs/Estero area?  My husband and I decided to visit Florida last spring.  We had visited the east coast, but never had been to the Naples area.  Many of our friends were in the area, so we thought we would give it a try!  I set out on the internet and searched for our dream rental in the Naples area.  Well, I must have looked at a million places online, but only one rental caught my eye and it was at Pelican Sound in Estero.  Estero?  Where is Estero?  I proceeded to Google Estero and only came up with baseball.  My husband said that he did not want to be far from Naples and that this was probably not a very convenient area.  I then found out that Coconut Point was nearby and many renters in Bonita Springs went to Coconut Point.  So, we decided to rent in Estero. 

We started our 1,850 mile journey from Maine and each day we anticipated our arrival in Estero.  What if we liked it?  What if we did not like it?  What would we do?  Three days later we approached this beautifully landscaped gated community of Pelican Sound and we fell in love from the first moment.  We had caught the Florida bug right then and there and it would forever change our lives.  Tennis, bundled golf, friendly people, swimming pools, and access to Lovers Key.  It was a month to remember, and it did change our lives.

When we left Pelican Sound at the end of the month, we were determined to return.  We went back home, put our house on the market and started making plans to return.  We actually purchased the carriage house that we rented and closed in September, 2010.  We have become Florida residents and now will enjoy working with others who want their dream of renting and purchasing property in the greater Estero/Bonita Springs area of Florida!

I look forward to help making your dreams come true for you!

Take care,


Rebecca Levitan

I had been involved within the hospitality industry for 15 years and for the last 5 years sold inns on a national basis. We visited Estero in spring of 2010 and fell in love with the area. We went back to Maine, put the house on the market, and purchased a carriage house in Pelican Sound in September, 2010. We are excited about our new adventure and helping others achieve their dream to owning property in Florida as well!

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