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New Racquet Center & Golf Club at Pelican Sound!

Pelican Sound Golf & River Club approves new expansion!  Just when you thought it could not get any better, Pelican Sound members voted in the Spring of 2017 to once again enhance our facilities!

By an overwhelming margin, members voted on a new $10,000,000 budget to design and develop a new Racquet Center and to completely renovate and restructure the Golf Clubhouse and surrounding area.  This is estimated to be a two-year project and will begin with the addition of 8 hartrue tennis courts and 8 new pickleball courts.  The new Racquet Center will be relocated closer to the River Club and will feature a viewing area for those wishing to watch our exciting tennis and pickleball matches

The Golf Clubhouse will be completely renovated and it is proposed to add an additional outdoor dining area.  The current Golf Clubhouse will have an additional building added to it to expand and relocate the current golf shop and administrative offices.  Golf cart storage will be also be relocated and enhanced along with parking and a new “green” when outdoor activities such as out very popular concerts in the park take place during the winter season.

This renovation will ensure that Pelican Sound is on the cutting edge and will take our Community to the next level!  This is an exciting time for all of us here at Pelican Sound!  If you are not already living here, what are you waiting for??

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