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Newcomers Club at Pelican Sound

PoolOne of the things that we experienced during our rental month at Pelican Sound last March (2010) was that it took us a really long time to get into the swing of the social life at Pelican Sound.  This was not due to the lack of things to do here, but more the fact that we had to feel our own way, mostly by word of mouth at the pool and during the Wednesday and Friday night Happy Hours.  In fact it took a week to find out about Happy Hours.  So we thought that we would start this page on our website as a way of helping out newcomers to Pelican Sound.  A lot of our topics will involve the social fabric of Pelican Sound, but many others will discuss the surrounding communities, how to find the best stores, restaurants, and sites in the area, and for people new to Florida how to figure out how things are done here.

We welcome your suggestion of topics, and, of course comments along the way.  We hope we can give you the benefit of our experiences as newcomers to Estero! Finally, our goal is to take what we have learned and translate this into an free, monthly get together for newcomers to our community.  This will be a sort of practical orientation to help people quickly get up to speed on the many things to do and see at Pelican Sound and in Southwest Florida.   We do want you to know that this website is not sponsored by Pelican Sound Golf and River Club or by Club Management.   It is simply our idea to help out newcomers to our community. If you need anything at all, just let me know!  Call me at 239-292-6860 or email me at

Come along for the ride, and we guarantee that all of you will learn something about this wonderful area of Florida and our great Pelican Sound community!

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