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Your Lee County Tax Bill Says it All…

The “For Sale” sign by a Broker goes in the ground and my phone starts to ring even though it is not my listing. The questions include what is it on the market for? Is it furnished or being sold turnkey? What is the condition of the property? What is the view? So why do people that are not actively selling their property want to know this? Everyone is anxious to see how their properties are holding value in Pelican Sound and I am always just as curious! 

Data can be presented in many ways and it can be interpreted very differently. For example, what does the number of days on the market really have to do with the selling price? Yes, if it is priced correctly it will sell quicker. However, if a well-priced property goes on the market during the summer season it will no doubt take longer to sell than a well-priced property going to market in Season. That is just the fact. So in reality, days on the market does not really determine whether or not your property has been priced correctly. 

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Pelican Sound Sales in 2010

Pelican Sound sales always seem to be a topic of conversation.  It seems that every time I go to the pool, the discussion always comes up about what has sold at Pelican Sound and how much it has sold for.  While not everyone is interested in selling their property, they are interested in hearing if the value in their investment is going up or down.  So I thought I would do a little homework and share some information with you. 

Pelican Sound budgets each year to sell 50 units.  During the year ending December 31, 2010, 56 homes sold.  This number excludes for sale by owner homes, as they are not detailed on Multiple Listing Service.  When you compare this to 2009, there is quite a difference since only 30 homes sold that year, of course, not including for sale by owner sales.  2010 was a stellar year Pelican Sound and sales totaled $16,630,250.  Here is an overview of what actually sold and please keep in mind that all sales are not created equal as they can have a number of factors to affect the averages:

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