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Brokers From Outside of Pelican Sound…Are They Effective – by Rebecca Levitan Realtor

In Pelican Sound we do see listings from Realtors that do not actively sell within our community.  This is normally the result of owners purchasing outside of Pelican Sound and then using the same Realtor that sold them a property in a new community to list their property here in Pelican Sound.  However, can that Realtor effective sell their property in Pelican Sound?

For those of you that know me, I just love the numbers and they always tell the truth.  So here are the results:

For 2017 there have been 54 listings sold in Pelican Sound thru Multiple Listing Service

Outside Realtors:

13 of those listings were listed by 12 different Realtors

The average selling price was 91.43% of the original listing price

The average days on the market was 166 days

Only 1 Realtor sold their own listing and depended on others to sell them for them

Realtors That Work Primarily in Pelican Sound:

41 listings from a total of 4 different Realtors – 26 were my listings

The average selling price was 94.36% of the original listing price – my average is 95.10%

The average days on the market was 160 days – my average is 154 days

So what does this mean?  The average selling price year-to-date in Pelican Sound for 2017 is $389,643 and at a 3% difference in average selling price, owners that worked with Realtors that specialize in Pelican Sound can increase their net profit by $11,690 or roughly $10,987 after commissions.

Realtors that represent sales in Pelican Sound on a regular basis know how to present the community and complete understand past sales history and how to position properties for selling at the highest and best price.  Also, with the new enhancements being done to the Golf Clubhouse and new Racquet Center, local knowledge will be a distinct advantage for those of us that represent Pelican Sound on a regular basis.

Rebecca Levitan

I had been involved within the hospitality industry for 15 years and for the last 5 years sold inns on a national basis. We visited Estero in spring of 2010 and fell in love with the area. We went back to Maine, put the house on the market, and purchased a carriage house in Pelican Sound in September, 2010. We are excited about our new adventure and helping others achieve their dream to owning property in Florida as well!

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